Member Resources

If you are trying to reach the office please leave a vmail I will call or email you back, if I don’t answer the phone it is because I am busy or away from the office.

Entry and call-back line: 1-403-453-0845 ****only an active line on entry days (9am-1pm) & callback days (9am -12pm).

Turnout Line: Please email and ensure your member number and performance is in the subject line.

NEW For this Year

  • Phone In Entry is on Wednesday from 9 am to 1 pm – note time change
  • Trade Deadline is Monday (following entry) at 9 am both sides must email the office by this deadline – note time change
  • The FCA is offering “out” as your second preference, please be careful when selecting this option, as the draw is computer generated and you may get drawn out and you won’t be put back into the draw
  1. Rulebook – Please ensure that you read and understand the rules especially for your event, not knowing the rules is no excuse.  All new rules or changes are highlighted in red. I have attached a copy, it is also on the website.
  2. Entering: The FCA has a great online entry system that opens on the Friday prior to phone in entries so it gives you 6 days to enter, it is fast, easy and you get a confirmation email (as long as your email is on file with the FCA), most entry days there is only one person taking the calls so online is the fastest way for you to enter and saves a lot of time hitting redial Details on  how to enter is on our website under Member Resources/How to Enter an FCA Rodeo
  3. When you online enter you must specify in the comments section if you are entered at any Co-Approved rodeos so the office knows when we set up the draw – We do not look at Jackpots and Non Co-Approved Rodeos when doing the draw, we only look at the Co-Approved Rodeos on our schedule, but in saying that, there is only so much we can only do so much to set you up, so please keep that in mind when entering.
  4. When you online enter please ensure you enter your entire buddy group
  5. If you call in you MUST have all the membership numbers for the people you are entering, so if you have a buddy group make sure you get their numbers, not having this takes extra time at entry and ties up the entry line.  You may be asked to call back when you have all the numbers.
  6. Do not call the main line on entry day to enter, this phone will not be entered on Wednesdays and voicemails will not be checked until Thursday morning.
  7. Please do not call the entry line on Wednesdays for “Non” Entry related items.
  8. Prepayment of Entry Fees – Our committees have been asking if our contestants can prepay so we do give that option, it also saves you having to stand in a line up every week, it was very successful last year with over 25% of our members prepaying prior to the rodeo
    1. Etransfer – No fees associated just put your name and rodeo in the comments field of the etransfer, must be sent in prior to the rodeo.  Please use fcarodeo as the password
    1. Paypal – you will be given this option when you get your confirmation email there is a small fee associated with this.
    1. Credit Card – we now accept this option please complete the attached Visa Authorization form and your fees will be charged each week to your cc, there is a small fee associated with this.
  9. Rodeo Count & Standings – please ensure that you are checking your Rodeo Management Account (login is your member #, screenshots will be going up on the website) to ensure that the standings are correct, it is your responsibility to ensure that these are correct, please remember we are only human and mistakes can be made and the mistakes can be fixed, but rudeness will not be tolerated when calling or emailing in to advise of mistakes.  For Co-Approved Rodeos it does take time to get those up on the system as they are done manually and the FCA has to wait until the results are official from the other associations.
  10. Results posted over the weekends are unofficial, please do not call/email/send videos/facebook in a panic that the results are not correct….all results are reviewed when the paperwork comes back to the office on Monday and will be corrected if there are errors.

Posting Results throughout the weekend – The office offers this as a courtesy to you as members, it is not mandatory that we do this on the weekend, it also takes time out of my personal time on the weekend so if the results aren’t posted instantly please don’t panic, also the rodeo secretaries may be busy and can’t get the judges cards to me right away or can’t enter the results right away.  Again please don’t call/email/facebook in panic and rudeness will not be tolerated.

Member Insurance – If you are injured please contact the office for the forms, theses must be submitted to the Insurance company within 14 Days of the accident, I have attached a form showing what is covered in the insurance