50/50 Tickets are available for $10….You have a chance to win up to $5,000, Draw will be made May 1st in the office. If you would like one please reach out to one of the Directors or contact the office. You can etransfer to info@fcarodeo.com and use the password fcarodeo Please include Name/Phone #/Email in the comment field of your etransfer.

To Qualify for the FCA Finals in All Events, except roughstock, Contestants must have entered and competed in that event, at a minimum of 10 Rodeos during the season, 50% (to a maximum of 7) of those rodeos must be FCA “Mother” sanctioned rodeos (in Roughstock only 5 Mother Rodeos are needed to make the finals). In the case where a rodeo is not formally approved by the FCA 6 weeks prior to the date of entries the board will adjust the rodeo count accordingly in favor of the contestant. If said rodeo is subsequently approved by the board then it will still count as a mother sanctioned rodeo in the contestants count.